Raise your consciousness, raise your influence.

In today’s era, being labeled an ‘influencer’ is commonplace, yet the title alone doesn’t necessarily equate to true influence. While an influencer is recognized on social media, a person of influence has an impact that extends across various facets of life and real-world scenarios.

Introducing the Evolutionaries program, designed to teach emerging leaders and legacy builders how to intentionally become people of influence. Our proprietary process, known as cognitive consciousness, combines neuroscience, meditation, somatic practices, and coaching techniques to guide participants through a transformative sequence—Awaken, Animate, Activate and Attune—that synchronizes all four dimensions of their unique DNA in the pursuit of their purpose-driven vision.

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Emerging Leaders

This track is dedicated for individuals who desire to evolve to the next level of their leadership journey. Starting with a 360° analysis of current conditions, we help emerging leaders sharpen their personal brand through self-awareness and emotional intelligence, strategically building their credibility and readiness for increased responsibility.

Legacy Builders

This track is designed for individuals who have reached a point in their career where the number one priority is the legacy they wish to bestow. We guide them in breaking down perceived limitations, tapping into their inner rebel, and strategically leveraging their knowledge and influence to drive meaningful change around passion, social, and global issues.

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“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States