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Boost team health and watch your business improve. We can show you how.

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The Gap

Ever felt miles apart from where your business is and where you want it to be? Struggling to unite your team amid endless distractions? 

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Where You Most Likely Find Yourself

That strategic plan you were excited about? It’s collecting virtual dust instead of serving as the practical roadmap you envisioned. Your talented staff, eager to contribute, find themselves struggling to navigate the day-to-day demands. Most days feel like everyone is on autopilot, leaving creativity and innovation as distant aspirations. In the face of overwhelming demands, managers are unable to alleviate stress points or make progress on strategic initiatives. You’re longing to break this cycle and surge ahead of the competition for the health of your team, the business, and your mental wellbeing.

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Where You Want to Be

Imagine having a dynamic game plan that guides your team towards success. Every employee is on board, having the support to make meaningful contributions while their managers proactively address their needs. Processes are synchronized with the firm’s vision, evolving with changing dynamics to consistently achieve KPIs. A commitment to inclusive democracy yields innovative ideas. As a result, your company emerges as the preferred choice for both employees and clients, solidifying its reputation. With day-to-day tasks streamlined, you find yourself free to focus on growth and innovation, steering the business towards new horizons.

Strong brands are built from the inside out.

In nearly every industry, a business’s reputation hinges on the behaviors of its employees, especially in the realm of professional services. As firm leaders, it’s crucial to take charge of the narrative and intentionally guide your firm’s brand reputation by providing the right framework for your team to engage with clients and customers as you envision. Every interaction, every day, carries the power to define your business. 

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Culture has a profound impact on organizational growth and outcomes.


More profitable with employee engagement


Employees are more likely to perform their best when they feel their voices are heard


Greater customer satisfaction with high employee engagement


Workforce feels undervalued at work


Employees say that their management teams lack communication skills


Average loss to a company every time an employee departs

Your team wants to thrive. We can help.

For professional services firms, it’s not uncommon to spend your time and energies solving your clients’ problems. Your own challenges are put to the side for another day—one that never seems to arrive. In the meantime, every day that passes without action leaves you at greater risk for missing major business opportunities, diminishing client relationships or, even worse, losing your key people.

Led by Brandy Little, a CTI- and ORSC-trained coach and veteran marketing professional, Brand DNA Advisors represents some of the best practitioners in their respective trades—strategic planning, coaching and training, brand messaging, and business development. Our focused experts help you build a workplace where employees thrive and deliver remarkable client experiences, leading to improved market position and increased recognition.

Three Helpful People

Let’s close the gaps and write your future story.

Navigating organizational dynamics involves a nuanced exploration of company culture and team health. Brand DNA Advisors will guide you in examining these intricacies through three essential dimensions, providing a holistic understanding of the overall health and wellbeing of your business.


This dimension provides context and the vision of what leadership and team success looks like. Becoming a strong brand takes intention. It starts with a purpose that is well-defined, easily understood, and infused across the organization through everything that is created, said, and done. This purpose is bigger than a service offering—it gives people something to believe in, guides their behavior, and drives innovation.


Leadership effectiveness significantly influences team dynamics. Despite poor leadership being cited as the primary catalyst for team disengagement, most leaders lack the bandwidth and training to be effective, creating undue pressure that causes stress and feelings of isolation. Investing in their wellbeing and growth will directly improve team health and the business’s bottom line.


Today’s work teams face relentless daily challenges, such as the hurdles of remote collaboration, communication gaps, personality differences, role confusion, and ineffective leadership. By prioritizing the resolution of these needs, businesses can unlock their team’s full potential and cultivate an environment that nurtures both individual and collective growth.

“The leaders who get the most out of their people are the leaders who care most about their people.”

Simon Sinek, Author & Leadership Expert

Still not sure?

It might feel like this is just one more task that you don’t have time to take on, but consider this:

  • Is there ever a day when there isn’t a fire to put out?
  • Are you losing money?
  • Are you at risk of losing your people?
  • How many opportunities have passed you by?
  • When will your goals become the top priority?
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Inaction always comes at a price.

List of words that lead to inaction
List of words that lead to inaction